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How will Judges select winners of the 7th British Kebab Awards?


The 7th British Kebab Awards will be held in early 2020 at Westminster Park Plaza Hotel. Visit www.britishkebabawards.co.uk to buy your tickets!

If a kebab business receives a vote from a Member of Parliament, the Mayor or a District Councillor of the borough then they will be eligible to collect 250 points. 

Points will be allocated according to the Food Standard Agency ratings of the kebab business, with a rating of 4 giving 200 points and a rating of 5 giving 250 points.  

Every vote from a member of the public is worth 2 points. For example, if a business is nominated by 100 people then they will be collecting 200 points. 

The Judges will assess nominated businesses by conducting discreet visits and undertaking a variety of enquiries regarding the nominated business.

The business that collects the most points will win an award in their category. 

You can vote by entering the name of the business and your telephone via the form on our page or via nominationskebabawards@gmail.com

(Please note if you send a nomination to the email address, please include the address and phone number/email address of your choice).

If you are one of those lucky nominated kebab businesses, encourage large numbers of the public, your local Councillors or MPs to nominate your business  and it will stand more of a chance of winning an award.

The jury of the British Kebab Awards includes industry experts and politicians, and nominations are taken from the public, local politicians and kebab businesses. 

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