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How will Judges select winners of the 7th British Kebab Awards?

  The 7th British Kebab Awards will be held in early 2020 at Westminster Park Plaza Hotel. Visit www.britishkebabawards.co.uk to buy your tickets! If a kebab business receives a vote from a Member of Parliament, the Mayor or a District Councillor of the borough then they will be eligible...

10th November 2015 04:41pm

6th British Kebab Awards Ceremony

This year, the nation’s most celebrated names in Kebab Industry came together for the sixth British Kebab Awards. Two of the kebab world’s kofte kings cemented their place at the summit of the industry last night as they did the double at the British Kebab Awards. Mazlum Demir, who...

4th November 2015 04:10pm

The 5th British Kebab Awards were held on 26 February 2017 at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel

The 5th British Kebab Awards were held on 26 February 2017 at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel. This year’s awards were attended by many politicians including MPs, Peers, Mayors and Councillors, journalists, business people and other civil and commercial organisations. The grand ceremony...

7th October 2015 02:22pm

Britain's One and Only Kebab Awards Announced Winners 2017

The Fifth Annual British Kebab Awards, for Immediate Release (27/02/2017) The fifth annual British Kebab Awards were held last night, Sunday 26 February 2017, in the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in Central London. Approximately 1,200 people attended the awards, which with each year have been...

7th October 2015 02:18pm